Ryan Malo
2 time MABBA heavy weight champion
CBBF National level Competitor
Our Services
  • MASSmeltdown is dedicated to serving your needs and giving you the tools to move towards your goals.

    Every program is custom to what the client needs and requires. Programs can last anywhere from 1 month to any desired length after that in 4 week intervals. Every 4-6 weeks in length a change will be made to your training and or diet schedule. The change will depend on the goals of the client and the time line in which to meet those goals. We work with the information given by the client to make the proper changes needed to see results while at the same time keeping the whole experience more enjoyable and easier to stick with.

  • Supplementation has become a big part of today's fitness world. With busy lifestyles and high demand to see results this has become one of the most confusing issues to date.

    MASSmeltdown will help shed some light on what products to steer clear of and which ones are "best bang for your buck". We will also develop your very own supplementation schedule based on your personal needs and goals.

  • Age sensitive training is a program that has been adapted to target and respond better to certain age groups. Not everyone should be training the same as one another. As you get older certain movements become harder and more stressful to perform safely.

    Nutrition becomes a building concern for maintaining a health longer life. MASSmeltdown will customize your training, diet as well as supplementation to maximize results and minimize health risks.

  • Here are a few Mass Meltdown testimonials.

Specialty Services
  • Clients who wish to compete will receive a full diet (updates and changes average 4-6 weeks depending on progress of the client), complete supplement schedule, weight training program (training programs will be changed every 4 weeks), bi-weekly/weekly assessments via email or in person, as well as on-going coaching and support through the duration of the package.

    Per-contest packages are available in 8, 12, 16, and 20 week lengths. Special accommodations can be made for longer and shorter program lengths.

  • What will this cost ?

    There are a few programs and payment plans to choose from. All programs are made custom to your needs including length and payment schedules.

    For more detailed information please contact MASSmeltdown for the most current packages and payment plans we offer.

  • Do I have to change what gym I train at ?

    MASSmeltdown is located in Winnipeg MB, and is able to do 1 on 1 training at most gyms located here... if you do not require 1 on 1 training and you train on your own. All you need is to have access to the internet in some way so that you can receive your programs and you can complete your training at the facility of your choice.

    Please contact if you are interested in 1 on 1 training for full details.

  • How often will my program change ?

    Each package that MASSmeltdown provides will consist of two parts, diet and weight training. Your weight training will change every four weeks providing the client doesn’t require alterations beforehand. The diet will change only as it is needed to continue to move you towards your desired goals. If everything is going as planned and the diet is continuing to show improvements, no need to change it.

  • How often will I have contact with my personal trainer ?

    Your personal trainer can be contacted through email at any time, or if you are in need of immediate assistance... through text or phone during daytime hours.